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Patience. It’s a virtue. A trait most of us work to improve in ourselves. In the past year and a half that I’ve led our city’s bicycle advocacy group, I’ve had to work harder on my patience. It seems everything takes longer than it ought to. From the inside it looks like no progress is happening. I can’t imagine how it must look from the outside. Well, actually I don’t have to imagine. I’m told at every step that I’m moving too slowly. Have you noticed that we are moving though?

Today we launch the new website for Bike Indianapolis. I know it’s late. I also know it’s not perfect. Please help us improve it. You can do the simple things like verifying that links go where they are supposed to go, or images appear in the right places at the right sizes. What I really hope you’ll do is to become a part of the community we’re building here. Provide thoughtful posts and comments on the posts of others. We’re going to maintain a civil and productive atmosphere. Those who want to rant have many online outlets for that.

Here on the Bike Indianapolis website in the IndyCOG Blog, we’re going to be patient, and we’re going to move forward making central Indiana a place that’s safe and fun for everyone to ride a bicycle. It won’t happen as fast as we want, but if we work together, it will happen. Have you noticed that we are moving though?

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