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Patience. It’s a virtue. A trait most of us work to improve in ourselves. In the past year and a half that I’ve led our city’s bicycle advocacy group, I’ve had to work harder on my patience. It seems everything takes longer than it ought to. From the inside it looks like no progress is happening. I can’t imagine how it must look from the outside. Well, actually I don’t have to imagine. I’m told at every step that I’m moving too slowly. Have you noticed that we are moving though?

Today we launch the new website for Bike Indianapolis. I know it’s late. I also know it’s not perfect. Please help us improve it. You can do the simple things like verifying that links go where they are supposed to go, or images appear in the right places at the right sizes. What I really hope you’ll do is to become a part of the community we’re building here. Provide thoughtful posts and comments on the posts of others. We’re going to maintain a civil and productive atmosphere. Those who want to rant have many online outlets for that.

Here on the Bike Indianapolis website in the IndyCOG Blog, we’re going to be patient, and we’re going to move forward making central Indiana a place that’s safe and fun for everyone to ride a bicycle. It won’t happen as fast as we want, but if we work together, it will happen. Have you noticed that we are moving though?

  • Bill Watts
    Posted at 23:21h, 11 February Reply

    So, you asked or help improving the website. I want to point out that in mid-February,, nearly six months after the launch, it is quite out-of-date. The two “Upcoming Events” listed on the homepage are from October,, 2018, four months ago. The member appreciaion event is not even listed. There are no upcoming board meetings listed, and apparentlyh have not been any since October.

    One of the most surprising discoveries I ahve made about Bike Indianapolis is that its board meets only four times a year, for abotut one and one-half hours each time. (There is also a retreat, which appears to be closed to members, and is not reported on). It is very hard to understand how you can run a viable organization with so few meetings, so little public discussion, and so little engagement with members.

    • Damon Richards
      Posted at 18:42h, 12 February Reply

      Thanks for your ongoing critique. If you check our community calendar you will find the member event with details to register. We do not have a webmaster so I update it when I can. Your comment is the only non-spam comment of the 85 I got this week.

      Our board meets nine times per year, including the retreat which is closed to everyone but the board, staff and invited guests, like most organizational retreats. I ask you publicly as I’ve asked privately in the past to help if you want to see the organization get better. We’re doing a lot with very few resources. Updating the web site, while important, is less important than the things that are occupying our time. We’ll do better when we get into the riding season.

  • Bill Watts
    Posted at 23:17h, 14 February Reply

    Given the current emphasis on marketing and branding, and given the very long time this website was in development, it surprises me that you would not take pains to keep the website up-to-date. Listing upcoming events on the Home Page for October, 2018 in February, 2019 does not convey an image of a vital or active organization.

    I believe the board met five times in 2018: April, May, August, October and the January retreat. Only the October meeting was publicly announced, and there is a public record of only the August meeting.

    The Calendar on the website does a good job of a announcing events for other organizations, but a poor job of announcing of Bike Indianapolis events. It lists every weekly meeting of the Speedway Bike Club, but no future board meetings or events (other than the member appreciation )for Bike Indianapolis.

    I would have liked to have helped to make Bike Indianapolis better, but have little opportunity to do so from the inside. It is a remarkably closed organization, with little outreach to members, and little role for them within the organization.

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