Protect Indiana Cyclists with Safe Passing and “Dooring” Laws

Did you know that Indiana is the 12th least bicycle-friendly state in the country? We are one of the 15 states that have not adopted straightforward, comprehensive Safe Passing Laws that meets the Bicycle Friendly America program. Our safety standards are in critical need of improvement.

One of the most common causes of death for road bicyclists is accidents involving the passing of motorists. Safe Passing Laws protect our cyclists from harm by making it explicitly illegal to overtake a bicyclist unsafely and ensure that law enforcement and judicial systems sufficiently protect bicyclists and fairly compensate them when they suffer from injuries due to unsafe passing.

We can also protect these road bicyclists by making “dooring” a ticketable offense. We’re sure you’ve seen videos and heard tragic stories about bicyclists being seriously injured after a motorist opens their door without checking their surroundings. By making this negligent act ticketable, we can ensure that motorists WILL check for bicyclists before opening their vehicle door. Already, 42 states have adopted laws to protect bicyclists from this threat.

If you’d like to take action now, please sign our petition to making biking and bikers much safer in Indiana:

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