INDYCOG began as a blog in February 2009 with the goal of celebrating and promoting cycling in Indianapolis and providing a common ground for all types of cyclists to gather. In February of 2010, we began to position ourselves as Indy’s only bicycle education and advocacy group. In November of that year, we acquired our 501c3 nonprofit status. In May of 2018, we changed our name to Bike Indianapolis in order to better describe our purpose and to align with the bicycle advocacy groups in other cities.

In the years since we started, we have worked with government, business and other community organizations to make bike riding safe and fun for everyone. We have disseminated information through our website, blog, newsletters and social media channels to keep the community informed about issues that impact biking. We have planned and organized the annual Bike to Work Day event in May, along with helping launch and promote bike rides. Bike Indianapolis also provided bike parking to numerous events.

We have participated in many other activities that benefit the cyclist in the city. These activities include updates to the Indianapolis Bicycle Master Plan, working with Indy Parks to keep the greenways open 24 hours a day and developing guidelines for the trails and we’ve organized the annual Bike to the 500, which draws nearly a thousand riders each year. 


Bike Indianapolis is the city’s bicycle advocacy group. Our mission is to make more bike riders in central Indiana. This requires streets that are safe and fun for everyone. We accomplish this in three major ways:

ADVOCATE | We work with city officials and other organizations to ensure that our public facilities are bicycle friendly. This includes bike lanes, bike trails and even bike parking.

EDUCATE | We help to educate riders on safe cycling techniques and good road sharing manners. We also will work with drivers to help them learn to be more bicycle friendly drivers. Our long standing signature activity in this area has been the Riders in the Know program. We will be expanding this outreach to new and returning riders in the near future, with additional outreach to motorized vehicle drivers.

RIDE | We help to provide destinations for riders. Commuters already know their destination. For other riders, it’s nice to have someone plan an activity on occasion. Bike Indianapolis will work with local businesses and other community organizations to create opportunities for riders to cycle safely to a fun destination event.


The Bike Indianapolis board of directors must consist of five to fifteen members, each elected to a three year term. The board meets on the last Tuesday of each month, February through June, August and October. A special board retreat and annual meeting is held in January.*

The current board members are:

Andy Gremos, President
Principal, Ramboll Environ

Bob Schloss, Treasurer
CEO, Omega Communications

A.J. Simonton
Associate Attorney, Kightlinger & Gray

Cam Starnes, Secretary
Of Counsel, Taft

Mark Zwoyer

*Board meetings are open to the public, however you must notify the Executive Director or Secretary of your intention to speak. Notification details are contained in the board dates on our event calendar.

Meeting Minutes

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Emory Lietz
Intern, Butler University

Damon Richards
Executive Director

Lane Wolf
Social Media Manager

Sylva Zhang
Director of Marketing and Community Outreach








Bee Coffee Roasters
Sun King

Business Members