If you know of an event that isn’t listed, tell us about it or send a calendar invite with the details to events@bikeindianapolis.org.


Central Indiana hosts many different riding groups and events. No matter what kind of rider you are (or want to be), there is likely a group waiting for you to join. Here’s a list:

If you know of a group that isn’t listed, tell us about it! Email info@bikeindianapolis.org

Local Shops

Local bike shops are a crucial element of a successful bike culture. Please patronize these local shops for sales and service.

Central Indiana Bike Shops

If you know of a shop that isn’t listed, tell us about it! Email info@bikeindianapolis.org


The efforts of Bike Indianapolis have the ultimate goal of getting more people in central Indiana riding bicycles. We help to provide destinations for riders. Commuters already know their destination. For other riders it’s nice to have someone plan an activity every now and then. Bike Indianapolis will work with local businesses and other community organizations to create opportunities for riders to cycle safely to a fun destination event.

Many of our events involve adding bike parking to an existing event of festival. We believe that providing free valet parking, we make it easier for people to choose cycling over other forms of transportation to the venue. We further use the bike riding attendance at these events to demonstrate the need for permanent bike parking to the managers of these venues. We also provide information on other rides in the area thru our community calendar, where you can find rides being conducted by different groups in the area. If you are organizing an event and would like bike parking, please fill out this form.

Rack ’em Up

Ever ride somewhere and want to lock up your bike but can’t because there is no rack? You’re not the only one! As more people start to ride their bikes as transportation to work/food/shopping it’s becoming more difficult than ever to find a place to park. At Bike Indianapolis we feel your pain, so we’ve started the Rack ‘em Up Program. 

Rack em Up programs:

  • Meter ring installation on parking meters or parking number posts.
  • Bicycle parking consulting & rack sales
  • Working with you to get racks installed around Indy
  • Valet Bike Parking at events

Meter Ring Installation

These are on public property, so -anyone- can do this! Feel free to have one installed at your favorite location; you don’t need to own the business to have a rack installed out front! Riders, property owners or businesses can contact Bike Indianapolis, and for $110 get a rack delivered and installed on the meter post of their choosing (subject to approval by ParkIndy & the City of Indianapolis’ Zoning Dept).

Order a rack here

This program is brought to you through a collaboration between Bike Indianapolis, ParkIndy & BGI.

Bicycle Parking Consulting

It’s simple. Notice where bike racks should be, but aren’t. Then let Bike Indianapolis help solve the problem.

If you see a place that obviously would benefit from a bike rack, contact the owner/manager and tell them you’d do more business with them if you could ride your bike there. Then fill out the form below. If you can provide a warm introduction, that would be even better but either way, we’ll contact them and get the ball rolling!

Bike Indianapolis will have a qualified Rack Rep do a site visit and work to determine the type of bike rack(s) and placement that will best fit the site. We can help choose and order a rack, and have it installed. To set-up a consultation time or learn more about this program, please fill out this form or call 317.663.3423.

Racks Around Town

If you visit a place that needs bike parking, ask the owner or manager to contact Bike Indianapolis about getting bike parking installed, and then tell us about it so we can follow up.

Show us the bike parking you find around town by putting a photo on Instagram. Use the tag #IndyBikeParking, and describe the location. We’ll find it and post it here. Special thanks to Bike Indianapolis member Ron Cooper for getting this started!

Want to know if there’s a rack at your destination? Search “Bike Rack” on Google Maps. Because there are so many locations, you have to zoom in to just a few blocks around your destination to search. Many of the locations include pictures. If you click on their pin, you can get a view of the rack and surrounding area. As you use this map, please rate and review the racks to help other riders select good parking. We can also use that feedback to persuade business and property owners to improve bad parking or increase capacity of good parking. If you find a bike rack that isn’t listed on the map, or discover that one has been removed or upgraded, please take a picture and send it, along with location info to IndyBikeParking@bikeindianapolis.org.